7 Ways Labdanum Essential Oil Can Improve Your Health

labdanum oil uses
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labdanum oil for the body

Amazing Uses Of Labdanum Essential Oil

Labdanum has been used for many years, and its scent is one of the things that makes it distinctive. Many years ago, people were able to get labdanum by combing goat and sheep hair. In fact, ancient Egyptian pharaohs often sported beards constructed of goat hair and labdanum.

In the perfume industry, ambergris is highly valued because it is hard to find and can't be used as often as people would like. Labdanum has a lot in common with ambergris, and for that reason, it is commonly used in perfumes as well. Ambergris can't be used in some countries because it comes from sperm whales, and they are endangered.

what is labdanum oil used for

1Labdanum Helps Ward Off Infection

Labdanum is antibacterial. This means that it is a great agent to use on someone when they have broken their skin. Moreover, labdanum can help with pain and cut back on inflammation, too.

Labdanum must be diluted before you use it on the skin, so add a few drops to water, mixing it as you go, and then use a sponge to put the liquid on the injured area. Before you do anything, though, make sure that you wash the wound to get rid of any remaining dirt. Once you have that out of the way, cut back on the chances of infection by making a healing balm out of coconut oil and labdanum. If you want to add a little beeswax, that will extend the life of your salve.

labdanum oil for the body

2Labdanum Gets Rid Of Acne

Labdanum is antimicrobial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory. There is always bacteria present in the skin, and labdanum helps keep it at bay. It also soothes the skin and gets rid of any extra sebum that is hanging around.

If you have a skincare product that you enjoy using, just add in a couple of drops of labdanum to reap its benefits. You can also combine water and labdanum to make a toner. If you are looking for a moisturizer that will help rid you of acne, simply take labdanum and add it to jojoba oil, argan oil, or rice bran oil.

labdanum oil uses

3Labdanum Helps Stop Coughing

This essential oil helps cut back on inflammation. It is also an antitussive, which you can find in many cough medicine products. If you have a dry, hacking cough, it is likely because the tissues in the throat are too sensitized.

The antitussive property impacts the part of the brain that activates a cough. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe the damaged tissue, and the antioxidants help the situation by keeping the tissue safe from further irritation. When you put all that together, the tissue is given the opportunity to heal, so a cough goes away.

labdanum oil uses

4Labdanum Helps With Memory

Essential oils usually have something called pinenes, which can help with both memory and cognition. They stop the neurotransmitter molecules from breaking down, which has a positive impact on the brain. Acetylcholinesterase is a substance that heavily induces this process.

It is an enzyme that attacks acetylcholine (which is a neurotransmitter) in the area between two different nerve cells; it allows the nerve impulse to make the journey across the synaptic gap. One of the reasons that pesticides work is that they destroy insects by attacking their acetylcholinesterase. To reap the positive effects on your brain, just combine labdanum essential oil with a little carrier oil and then rub it on the body.

how to use labdanum oil

5Labdanum Is Soothing

Labdanum can ease the mind of all its worries. If you are anxious or stressed or even dealing with emotional trauma, it can help. Just dilute this essential oil and then rub it on your body, or you can also diffuse it in your living space.

When you are facing a difficult situation, you often feel stressed. This means that you may have feelings of anxiety. You can be physically impacted as well. Adrenaline flows throughout your body, affecting your nervous system.

how to use labdanum oil

6Labdanum Relieves Congestion

This essential oil can break apart mucus, making it easier for you to get rid of it and find relief. When you combine the oil with a carrier oil, you can then massage it on your back, neck, and chest. Decongestant steam is another option that works for some people.

If you want to create the steam, start by boiling water, put it in a ceramic bowl, add a couple of drops of the essential oil, and then place a towel on your head. Put your face near the bowl and allow the towel to help direct the steam toward your face. Make sure to maintain a little distance from the steam so that you don't get burned. Keep your eyes shut and take several deep breaths. Periodically remove your head from the steam to allow yourself to get rid of some mucus; continue with the process until there is no longer any steam.

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7Labdanum Is An Emmenagogue

Labdanum oil has an impact on your hormones. It keeps your monthly cycle coming at regular times. It also helps with the discomfort that is associated with PMS.

Because the oil acts as both an emmenagogue and a stress reliever, it can help a lot of women. It can also ease the pain of cramps as well. Just dilute the oil and rub it on your stomach to try and get your period to flow at a particular time of the month.

labdanum oil uses

Cistus absolute and labdanum essential oil are two different products. Cistus is sweeter. While the two do both come from the rock rose plant, that does not make them the same.

It is a balancing agent, and it is different from rock rose. Labdanum essential oil has a variety of uses and is useful in helping your health. It is a product that is very useful to have around the house.

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