7 Incredible Benefits Offered By Labdanum Essential Oil

what is labdanum oil used for
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how to use labdanum oil

Ways To Use Labdanum Essential Oil

Though both originate from the rock rose plant, labdanum essential oil and cistus absolute are not one and the same. The sweetness of labdanum is considerably less than that of cistus. Labdanum is commonly used in perfumes to balance different aromas.

Concerning energy, it works to create balance as well as synergy. Many people confuse labdanum with the flower essence of rock rose (Helianthemum canadense), a separate and distinct oil and plant. It should be noted that cistus, also known as C. ladanifer, has the same plant origin as labdanum but is obtained in a different process.

how to use labdanum oil

1Slows The Signs Of Aging

Many are aware of the power of labdanum to bring new life to dull, aging skin and lessen the severity of wrinkling. Labdanum's astringent qualities are great for enhancing puffy skin and adding tightness. And the antioxidant properties attack free radicals known to damage cells and foster wrinkles.

When skin cells are not under siege by free radicals, they work well and lend a youthful look to the skin. Mixing this essential oil with an everyday moisturizer can produce amazing results. Alternatively, a couple of drops can be added to a light carrier oil, such as rice bran or jojoba, and should then be applied to the problem areas of the skin.

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2Works Well As An Expectorant

The essential oil of labdanum works well as an expectorant and, as such, is useful for loosening mucus accumulation to facilitate its removal. By adding some drops to a carrier oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, and rubbing the product on the back, chest, and neck, relief can be achieved. It is also wise to make decongestant steam that can be inhaled.

To create the steam, just boil a bit of water, place it in a ceramic bowl, add a few drops of essential oil of labdanum, and put a towel over the head. Then, lean down over the vessel, make a tent with the towel so that the steam does not escape. Take care not to lean in too closely to avoid getting burned. Keep the eyes closed and breathe deeply. Stop every so often and attempt to blow the nose or to cough the loosened mucus out and continue the inhalation process until the steam ceases.

how to use labdanum oil

3Cognition And Memory Booster

Many essential oils contain pinenes known to strengthen memory and boost cognition. This happens because they are able to stop neurotransmitters from breaking down. The reason for this breakdown is the presence of acetylcholinesterase.

Acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme able to break down acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) inside the space between a pair of nerve cells (the synaptic cleft), facilitates the nerve impulse's ability to be sent across a synaptic gap. Carbamate and organophosphate pesticides work to stop insects in their tracks by stopping the functioning of their acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Labdanum essential oil's brain-benefiting characteristics are obtainable simply by using a small bit of diluted oil in a massage or by diffusing some of the oil.

labdanum oil for the body

4Anxiety And Stress Reliever

There is no doubt about labdanum's ability to bring a sense of quiet to the mind. Many understand its capacity to reduce tension, relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, and more. By massaging some diluted oil directly on the skin or spreading its scent throughout the air with a diffuser, tremendous benefits can be gained.

Feelings of stress are the body's reaction to threats or perceived pressure. When these sensations occur, a nervous feeling can take hold. There is generally a physical response as well. Adrenaline courses through the veins, so the nervous system is impacted for some time.

what is labdanum oil used for

5Lower Chances Of Infection

Labdanum's pinene components function as antibacterial elements. Any oil that is high in these substances tends to work well for cleaning wounds. It should also be understood that labdanum offers impressive pain relief and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Just mix cool, clean water with some drops of labdanum essential oil and apply with a cotton ball directly on any wound. First, rinse the wound to eliminate dirt particles. To continue the pain relief effect and to make sure that dangerous microbes are eradicated, use coconut oil to dilute labdanum and use topically where needed. It is possible to concoct a salve by mixing the oil with some melted beeswax - this is more convenient to apply and has better longevity.

what is labdanum oil used for

6Soothes And Eliminates Sunburn Stings

Because it contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, the essential oil of labdanum is useful for eliminating the sting of sunburn and aiding in ultimate healing. Because sunburn is known to boost the risk of cancer, the oil's pinenes are ideal for reducing the exposure to the disease that stems from the sunburn. Labdanum's antioxidant properties also work to stop the damage to the cells by countering free radicals that come from the sun's UV rays.

Mix a couple of drops of essential oil of labdanum with some water and vigorously shake until it is well mixed. Use a spray bottle to distribute the solution over any tender areas of the skin. The oil can also be combined with cold aloe gel and spread it on the skin.

labdanum oil for the body

7Acne Fighting Treatment

The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent features of labdanum oil are well known. These properties are perfect for fighting against bacteria known to infiltrate the pores. The oil also works to eliminate the excessive accumulation of sebum and can tamp down skin irritation.

It is wise to drop a bit of labdanum oil into commercial facial products. Another great idea is to create a homemade toning product with just water and labdanum oil. A great acne-fighting moisturizing preparation can be made with labdanum oil mixed with a carrier oil, like jojoba, rice bran, or argan.

what is labdanum oil used for

Whereas cistus comes from the leaves and flowers of the plant, labdanum is gleaned from the plant's gum. This part of the plant is processed by taking the twigs and dried leaves and boiling them in water. Then, the crude gum can be skimmed from the water's surface and allowed to dry.

The crude gum can then yield an essential oil adored for its ambergris properties. When the crude gum is exposed to filtering and alcohol treatment, a resinoid is created. The leaves and twigs are dissolved into a solvent (hexane is a common option), extracted via vacuum, and thinned out with alcohol to make this essential oil.

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